Struggle Inc.

The cross-pollination of art influence across the sport, graffiti, and traditional graphic design worlds is now an accepted mainstay. But it might not have been without the profound influence of innovative Chicago-based designer/painter Cody Hudson of Struggle Inc., who brings a fresh visual aesthetic to Chocolate Industries and remains highly in-demand for work and exhibitions around the world.

As approachable as they are subversive and forward thinking, Hudson's art captures elusive qualities that normally seem mutually exclusive. His commercial clients include Burton, Stussy,Ecko, Gravis, and 2K, and his work with magazines such as 12 Oz. Prophet and The Vapors Project established Hudson as a major artist merging seemingly opposite art worlds.


Hudson's work has also been featured in several books, including 101 Ways To Kill a Pigeon (Hudson's method being particularly creative) and his own Life and Times of Cody Hudson Vol. 2 (which blends everything from renderings of watermelon Tic-Tacs to the musings on corporate hell that are at his core).

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